10 October 2009

Transmission Audio's Ultimate: $2 Mil for the World's Most Expensive Speaker System

There are some things in today's tech world that seem to have no boundaries, and audio technology is one of the premiere choices if we were to name such a field. We wondered in awe as we saw the Enigmasystem, filling a big room and draining no less than 1 million bucks out of your bank account. Indeed, that audio system was something really weird: much too much power and SPL for anyone's health and, of course, a breathtaking price tag. Well, if you (like us) have though you've seen them all, think again as we introduce to you the Ultimate, Transmission Audio's latest contraption. And if you thought $1 mil was too much... how about double?

Well, it's true, even though it might look like a tech prank: the Ultimate is a home cinema system with a 2 million dollar price tag, in perfect defiance of the world recession or whatever you want to call it.

The system comes with no less than 12 individual speakers containing the Swedes' most advanced audio reproduction technology; with each unit capable to blast as much as 500W, we get a very serious 6kW power, more like a small PA installation for a gig. The

power amps are top-drawer as well: the BP-1 from bridge Audio Laboratory: a dual-mono construction with insanely robust build that's capable to deliver twice the specced power and even up to 62kW for 10 milliseconds. With the power amps controlled by a BC-1 preamp that's also included, the juice-factory costs around $500K; company founder Bo Bengtsson says he can install 20kW for some additional $500K, but that would transform the Ultimate into a wall-wrecking tool...

Ultimate uses ribbon technology for HF and HF-midrange section, while LF domain has been endowed with a mind-boggling array of forty 15” subwoofers and twenty-four 8” woofers. Summing these with the 210ft, 2” HF/midrange ribbon and the 13ft, 1” UHF ribbon, everything adds to a killer 146db SPL: this means that the Transmission Audio's Ultimate can get as loud as a fully throttled plane. Now, try and imagine a jet in your living room...

With a 0.02% THD @ 99db, you can rest assured that not even the most demanding listener could want more in terms of quality. And still, if you find someone not pleased with the Ultimate, just crank up the volume and reduce him to smithereens. The whole system comes with an LR mirror array, especially engineered to create a massive sound stage with tremendous width and incredible presence, and pretty much anything else you could ever want. Not sure whether the Ultimate comes with an iPod dock, though.