27 January 2012

Phishing Attacks Can Happen On Your Mobile Phone Too

A few years ago most of the general public had never even heard of a phishing attack. These days it is better known. While still not a general knowledge question it has been exposed a little bit more by the media and web safety outfits. But just because the problem has seen a little bit more daylight does not mean that it has gone away. No, the problem of phishing attacks is still with us. And while that is still very much a problem, the bigger problem is that now it is starting to move to a new medium.

Phishing Attacks Can Happen On Your Mobile Phone Too

The mobile phone is becoming more and more the popular choice to surf the web. What better way to waste time than to surf the web while you are on the go. It is because of this activity that you are starting to see more web sites optimize for smaller screens. But it is not only the legitimate web sites that are focusing on the phone. The criminal web sites are as well.

Surfing the web on your mobile phone is no longer a time when you can have your defenses down. In the past when people would surf the web on their mobile phones they pretty much knew that the attacks that were directed at users of Windows and Apple computers could not hurt them. That is no longer the case. Hackers know how to code for the phones now. But it is the web based attacks like phishing that can hurt you no matter what platform you are on.

What is a phishing attack?

A phishing attack is when one web site pretends that it is another. A victim will go to that web site, thinking that they are safe but instead they are really giving up all of the information that they type in that site.

And that is why a phishing attack works on any platform no matter if it is your desktop or your phone. It is strictly a web based attack to obtain information. No matter how you give them the information it is still going to work. The platform of how you give them the information is secondary.

If you want to be able to avoid a phishing attack then the easiest way is to make sure that you pay attention to the web address of the site that you are on. Also, if you get an email and it says to click a link to go to the web site, instead just type the name of the web site in. Then you know exactly what site you are going to.

Source Article: Security-faqs